Centre for European Studies:

Established 1997. It integrates all Social Science streams and engages with issues pertaining to inter-state relations within Europe and between Europe and Asia


Recently held seminars:

International Seminar on ‘Re-newing the Military History of Colonial South-Asia’, in collaboration with the University of Greenwich (project funded by British Academy), January 2014.
‘Remembering Eric Hobsbawm: a tribute’, January 2013.

Public Lecture on “‘Disease in India is not Disease in England’. Robert Koch, James Cuningham, and the Comma Bazillus in  Calcutta” by Professor Michael Mann

Professor for Modern History and Culture of South Asia, Head of South Asia Studies Humboldt University, Berlin, 24th February 2015.

Departmental Refresher Courses:

‘State and Society in Pre-modern Europe and Asia’, 2013.

‘Recent Trends in Historical Research & Teaching’, 2014.