04. Editorial Note

We sincerely regret the delayed appearance of the current issue of Journal of History.

The issue is devoted to articles on regional and post-Independence histories of India from medieval to later modern times and conceptual history. Sabarni Pramanik Nayak traces the interactions between gender and performance by looking at the temple dancers of medieval South India on the basis of epigraphic sources. Sandip Munshi offers an understanding of the Indian mercantile collaborators of French East India Company in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Raktim Sur discusses the lucrative liquor business and colonial regulations in Bengal during the nineteenth century. Tirthankar Ghosh treats the inadequate colonial responses to cyclonic disasters during the nineteenth century. Sutapa Saha (Mitra) explores the role of the post-colonial Government of India vis-à-vis indigenous medicine. Parikshit Thakur examines the journey of the concept of civil society in the realm of western intellectual thought. The book review section has benefitted from discussions by Himadri Banerjee, Debasree De and Poulami Sarkar.

We note with sadness the passing of leading historians and critics who have left imprints on the discipline of history and the wider field of social sciences. Amalendu Guha (1924-2015) will be remembered for his pioneering contributions in the study of colonial Assam and contribution to Marxist methodologies of regional history. John Berger (1926-2017) offered path breaking and original perceptions of the histories of art, photography, advertising and gender. Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015) creatively uncovered 500 years of Latin America’s history from below. Christopher Bayly (1945-2015), renowned historian of the Cambridge School explored multiple facets of South Asia in the early modern and early colonial era.

We are grateful for the assistance we have received from the Head and all faculty members of the Department of History. Dr. Tilottama Mukherjee’s elegant cover design has enriched this issue. The anonymous referees assisted in the publication of this volume by offering valuable academic advice. Finally, we wish to thank the printers and e-printers of this journal.


May 2017

Suchetana Chattopadhyay

Nupur Dasgupta

Mahua Sarkar

Rup Kumar Barman

Kaushik Roy

Samarpita Mitra